Quarterly Top Five

What a quarter it's been. I swear my kid and I have seen the inside of more airplanes in this past quarter than any other mother-baby diad in the history of time. Also, that might have something to do with the fact that my child promises me she'll go to bed if she can sleep on the airplane. Yah right, kid. Remember that time you stayed awake for 36 hours straight on an airplane? Me too. NEVER AGAIN.

Anyway, I'm not too sure how we got from there to here, because really this post is about my five top photographs of said wakeful kid from the last quarter. 

These photos might not be the *best*, but they mean something to me. And so, here you go. My quarterly top five.

This photo was taken in our last weeks in Japan, before we headed West for a month, then South for ever the next three years. It's totally Stella. Her wild and crazy and kinda goofy funtimes face. And it reminds me that there were golden moments in Japan. There were. 

This image was taken on our vacation back to North America. There were open windows, rustling leaves, lapping water, and loon calls. We did a lot of napping. A lot of bed sharing. And I might have complained about the resultant sleepless nights, but let's not shit ourselves, I loved every moment of it. 

Another goodie from our trip back home. We spent a few incredable days with some of my favourite people on this Earth, a friend whom I have known for eaons. And we watched as our own kids got to know eachother, and love eachother as hard as we do. And I'll tell you, my kid still makes a gesture she learned from this friend, and each time she does it, I kind of die from love / longing. 

Heyyy....we have a theme! Vacation pictures FTW! But seriously, is there anything more quintessential North American Summer than life jacket wedgies? 

And now, here's my girl, in our new home, exploring the lovely lovely lovely lovely golden light that just makes me beyond thankful that we get to live here, right under the equator. 

Okay! Okay! Could not stop at five. Had to include this. I just love these quiet weekend moments. And the way her little feet cuddle up to her Papi? I die. Die. Die. Of cuteness.  


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