Small Style, School Style

My kid is as kind as they come. She's gentle, thoughtful, sweet and well mannered. My girl is full to the brim with uproarious hilarity, and heartbreaking adorableness. Seeee?

But mah gawd, her matching skills are really sub awesome. Pink + pastel purple + red = ouchie eyes. 

I tried to sell her on the Amazing Super Sparkle Rainbow Shoes with Stars for Stella, and she bought it for all of three seconds, and then shrill shrieks of SHOES OFFFFFF! reverberated off our bare walls, and I almost thought that it was the rapture because of the fervour with which my child was yelling, but no, she just wanted her plastic, croc-like footwear, which, BTW, are called her Green Shoes, even though they're purple.

Anyway. So, I guess I'll just have to start building a wardrobe around these pale violet shoes, because they're a permanent fixture and there's no changing this girl's mind. Ever. About anything. Even if you try to use the old rainbow sparkle stars for Stella line.

Anyway, here's what she wore to school today. Red and blue dress. Pink hair clip. Purple shoes. You know.


And here she is, totally going to school like a boss, rocking the drop off with no tears, and slaying the big girl slide.

Oh, and PS, school has an indoor waterfall and koi fish, because obvs (OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING love Jakarta x on billion.)


Stella Wore

Dress - Tea Collection (check out the amazingly adorable special occasion red carpet dress that you can go and get NOW, which I would totally buy if it went with purple shoes)

Shoes - Native


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