Project Parenting IV: {hiatus}

This week Project Parenting is on a bit of a hiatus. 

I'd tell you it's because we moved again. And then AGAIN (!) not 36 hours later. But really, you should know that my lack of a post has more to do with the fact that I haven't yet read the next chapter in my parenting guide to no more rage poops.

Now, if I'm really being honest, I'd admit that I STILL have yet to start on the next chapter in the book. There's just been too much chaos to do anything beyond letting my kid gorge on screen time while I cram as much chocolate into my facehole as humanly possible while drowning my troubles in red wine. Which, I might add, is not very delicious, red wine and milk chocolate. Do not recommend. 

I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of moving into our new apartment. I was picturing a full fridge, not having to leave the house for breakfast every day, and, joy of joys, coffee right there whenever I needed it. There were dreams of home cooked meals, plans made for apple pie, and shopping for toasters and pillows, and pretty things to make this place ours.


But then, when we were just starting to see the light at the end of the settling-in tunnel, just as my kid was starting to feel good about "new one house", we had to move out again. Things just weren't quite primed and ready to go. I'm not at liberty to tell you exactly in what way our apartment was ill prepared for our presence, but just close your eyes, think about developing countries in the tropics, and that will give you some indication of what we're dealing with.

So I guess I had my first falling out with Jakarta. We've marked a major milestone. Our Honeymoon period is officially over. Jakarta acted like a total jerk, true. But I had a childish temper tantrum when he threw me a a few curve balls, and curve balls are part of the game. So. 

Jakarta, we'll get through this, you and me. We'll stick together. We'll work it out. You keep showing me surprises and warming my heart with wide, toothy similes.  I'll keep loving on you, and treasuring every moment of your gorgeous afternoon light.