371 / 366 {found}

When my kid finally stumbles across something she's been looking for, something she wants, and usually something she can't have, like my wallet, or her iPad, she grabs it, holds it above her head, and screams GOT IT!! 

That's how I feel about these photographs:::triumphantly holds them above her head::: Not that they're exceptionally rad, or anything, but they indicate that I've found a park. A park with green space, birds, flowers and playground. A lousy playground, but a playground nonetheless. It's the kind of playground where I run into kids from my girl's school. Or where we stumble across a dude, seated on a stone planter, practicing his violin. And my kid is so enthralled that she watches, stock still for five whole minutes, then dances while he plays her a lovely rendition "twinkle twinkle".

So, GOT IT!! Jakarta. GOT IT!! The elusive outdoor playground, complete with community and friendly neighbours. GOT IT!