Small Style, Indo Style

I won't lie. I've been looking forward to this installment of Small Style for aeons. Because, you guys, could there be anything better than documenting a confluence of Things That I Love (namely my kid, stylish tots, Tea Collection, Indonesia, and batiks?) Okay. Perfection.

Also, I've been looking forward to being reunited with my Small Styling friends. Oh, hey, guys! What's up, we moved to Indonesia. And I love it

Let's just stop for a moment to talk about Indonesia. I mean, Indo, she she did give me a giant wallop right in the kisser this week, but then Indonesian food is my spirit animal, and there are these flowers, and the fact that there is this light that basically makes everything golden, and oh, did I mention, that literally the week we moved here, my kid finally started sleeping through the night?

So, what I'm saying is there's magic here. And I love it.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should probably mention that while I was doing this little photoshoot (which lasted all of three minutes, btw) my kid was crying, "iPad? Done cama? Bye bye cama! Wah! iPad!!!" Because I promised her some coveted screen time, and then like the gigantic a-hole that I am, made her stop on the way home for a few snaps. I'm such a jerk.

So, batik. I'm totally obsessed. These prints are made by way of a complicated process of applying wax and dying and removing wax wash rince repeat. They can be bold and mod, or delectate and feminine. And they're lovely. I'm itching to get into the local fabric markets and get exploring. I've already found this little babywearing wonder, which, BTW, I'm still planning to do a tutorial on, I just need a photographer. Ahem, Mr. Chef. What are you doing this weekend?

ANYWAY, not too sure where this mess of a blog post is going. I suppose I should have some sort of conclusion paragraph here or something. So, BATIK! INDONESIA! MY KID! I LOVE THEM! LIFE IS AWESOME. HI SMALL STYLERS, I MISSED YOU!! 

The End. 

Stella Wore: 

Dress: Tea Collection

Shoes: Native

Balloon: Random Arcade, because, obvs.