Project Life: Week Two: Central Java

Well, this was a week. The kind of week where you want to take pictures of everything. Where you want to live every moment, and not forget a thing, not even the gecko sleepover, or the largest cockroach you've ever seen.

The second week of 2013, and we're already adventuring. Stella and I traveled together with Stella's nanny into Central Java, by train, bus, bicycle rickshaw, and pony cart. Not taxis, because they were out of a bit of price gouging (double! tipple Jakarta prices!!) and I mean, who would even consider a taxi when you could go by pony cart????

So here we are, our trip through Central Java. Expect follow-up posts about specific places we went, sights we visited, food we ate, and the lizards / snakes / spiders that we didn't scream (too loudly) about when we spotted them in the grass.

Central Java Train


>>>train view<<<
Train travel in Indonesia

 <<<boarding the train in jakarta>>>backpack awaiting departure>>>thrilled to be on a bike-rickshaw>>>

Traveling in Indonesia

 <<<<super sketch buss<<<with a door that didn't close>>>train station>>>mini bus>>>  


Pony Cart in Central Java

>>>pony cart<<<<

Village in Central Java

>>>village life<<<

Waterfall at Guci Central Java

>>>jungle waterfalls<<<

Guci Central Java 

>>>hot springs>>>


>>>more juggle waterfalls<<<

 >>>hiking. hugging.<<<

fields central java

>>>roadside view<<<

Indonesia Food

>>>food served on leaves<<<

 >>>pool fun<<<

>>>the best kind of restaurant. random. beautiful. private. gorgeous, fresh food.<<<

 >>>but according to my child, the best restaurant have a playground behind your table.<<<

>>>frolicking amidst ancient ruins<<< 

>>>photographs with an uncooperative toddler<<<

>>> Ancient wonder<<<

>>>night sky, as seen from the front of a bicycle-rickshaw<<<


Well, that's what we were up to last week. While I'm certainly enjoying staying (safe and dry) at home, I'm also itching to get out on the road again.

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