Man Down

 Let's begin with some parenthesis, shall we? (The title of this post also happens to be the title of my child's third favourite song {which, of course, is is not allowed to watch on youtube, because I have to draw the line somewhere, right} [number one and number two are Gangnam Style and Twinkle, Twinkle, respectively] and I totally think that it's appropriate for a two-and-a-half-year-old to dig a track about second degree murder and the resultant desire to flee).

 With that out of the way, MAN DOWN! Some sort of flu-like virus has stuck us down one by one. So it's been a week of sickies, which cabin fever aside, has been NBD. I don't mind watching Mary Poppins on loop, taking naps with a baby on my chest, or finding an excuse to drink a hot toddy.

 In the interest of full disclosure and my commitment to not perpetuate the bloggy convention of glossing over the un-pretty things in life, it should be noted that I had to literally wrestle my sick, feverish, and over-tired baby to sleep on this day. After 45 minutes of  a tiny screaming, crying, hitting person wiping snot all over my sweater, I finally managed a little dozing too.


What I'm super not into, however, is laryngitis. Which I have. Right now. 


It's one thing to not be able to effectively communicate with adults, I mean I can text my husband from across the table. No bigs.

But when you are dealing with small humans and need to shout DO NOT POUR THAT SOUP ON THE TABLE when you're in the middle of dinner at a restaurant  in a five-star hotel and you're child is obviously going through the motions to make that spectacle happen, well, let's just say a stern yet barely audible whisper is really quite ineffective in conveying parental authority. 


So, I guess what I'm saying is man down. It's a free-for-all over here. Send help. And honey. Also lemons. (PS, did you know that three lemons will set you back 10 bucks in Indonesia?? Ouch.)

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