Hash House Harriers Kids Run in Jakarta

I love big city living. I do. I love hustle and bustle, concrete, and that invigorating chaos that comes with millions of people jammed together, all trying to be humans right on top of each other. I'll even take the air pollution that comes with bajajs and busses of varying degrees of roadworthiness, because that's what makes a city, you know? 


But once in a while I need to hear a bird sing. I need a dose of fresh air and a little green space. 


So, when a friend tipped us off to the Hash House Harriers and their monthly kids' runs. And we were in. Oh were we in. 


Mr. Chef was stuck at work all weekend, so a trip out to the country was the perfect distraction. We rented a car, rounded up some friends, and headed out to the jungle (where jungle means moderately developed housing estate with some cassava fields, and a few mountain bike trails, but you know? there were trees, and streams, and dirt and birds, and I'll just take what I can get, thankyouverymuch.)


From what I can gather about the Hash House Harriers in Jakarta, they're a group of people who like running and and like beer. A lot? 


And the Hash House Harriers kids' runs follow a similar theme: you set the kids loose in the jungle, run them around for a while, and then meet back at the starting point to shotgun sodas. Oh, and in case you were concerned, there IS INDEED beer for the parents. 


The run was pretty short. And was entirely more a walk than a run. Or in Stella's case a cary? Question mark? "Carwy me, mama!" And I figured that was fine because I do have a bit of an exercise deficit, so, why not? So I carried my 14 KG kid all along the trail, stopping to practice leaping off mountain bike jumps and gather "tickle sticks" which grown up people call "grass". 


(A propos of nothing, it should be noted that Stella is providing an excellent example interpreting this autumn's major trend of pattern mixing for the tropical jungle context. And while moccasins do not make the most practical jungle walking footwear, they do look totally rad, and they went on her feet without a fight, so who am I to argue?)

We ended the run hot and sweaty, but totally happy with red cheeks and fresh air in our lungs. Nature is, like, totally the best and stuff.


If you're local and want to join the Jakarta Junior Hash House Harriers, they run the last Sunday of the month. The run is held at different sites around Jakarta, usually not much more than an hour outside the city. You can contact Greg Fletcher at gtfletch@cbn.net.id. He'll get you on the list.