Canadian Thanksgiving Comes to Jakarta

Holiday season is here, guys! Like, for real! Idul Adha is just behind us, and Halloween is just ahead, and over the weekend, the Expatria household celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (alternately known as regular old Thanksgiving. And it should probably be noted that it wasn't until I was, like, legally drinking mulled wine that I realized there was a non-October option for Turkey Day.)

For most of my expat career, I've been all, "meh, holidays, I guess we should celebrate, maybe we'll roast a chicken, oh wait, thanksgiving is tomorrow, okay, festive pizza in a box?" But now that Stella is getting to that age where concrete memories are forming, I feel more of a duty to give her a taste of our native culture, however small that may be. So, Canadian Thanksgiving. (Also, it should be noted that a fair degree of nationalism, cultural obligation along side some preg cravings for pumpkin pie went into this decision.)

So, we invited some dear friends over, lured with the promise of roasted dead bird, and reassured that, yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is ACTUALLY A THING and then stuffed our mouths full of food. 

We cooked up a turkey (where "cooked" might more accurately be described as opening a hot box in a room service trolley and retrieving a juicy, steaming turkey.) There was also lots of other goodness that was actually cooked by us in the more literal sense.

In case you're wondering, rosemary and sea-salt flatbread (except I substituted kamut flour because that's how I roll), roasted root vegetables from this cookbook, salad that was supposed to be this one, but was instead an overdressed pile of lettuce leaves because time was ticking, and, uh, I dunno? Pumpkin pie, apple crostata with a spelt flour crust because I can't help myself!!!, ccinnamon ice cream, and apple compote. 

The evening was topped off with a dip in the pool, crank calls by three-year-olds, and a gaggle of children with questionable blood sugar levels racing through the halls. So basically, perfection.

And, while Canadian Thanksgiving (OMG, why do I keep saying that? It's just Thanksgiving!!!) certainly does have it's charms when celebrated in situ, I am not going to pretend that lounging poolside before filling your belly with turkey with nary a fear of frostbite of polar bears isn't totally amazing.   

I kinda sorta forgot to take pictures, but here are a few? Question mark?

Oh, here's a peek at the turkey

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