"a portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2012."

Stella: "Mama, I want to watch babies on your 'puter!"

As I grow bigger, I'm thinking about helping Stella to prepare for a monumental shift in our family dynamic. And thus, I'm employing YouTube as an educational tool (bare with me!) I'm showing Stella select newborn videos on YouTube (which is basically her favourite ever ever ever, though she will take a side of airplane videos along with a generous serving of babies), and talking about what babies can and can't do. 

Stella's understanding of babies is based mostly on her experience with those more mobile and interactive than the one that will join us in a few months. And so, she expects our baby to come into the world ready to crawl, eat yoghurt, and tolerant of endless and complicated games of baby-baby. I'm hopeful that a few newborn videos can open her mind {just a crack} to the idea that babies are pretty limited in their ability to interact!

Have any of you tips or resources on preparing an older kid for a new baby?