A Case of the Mondays {And a Matilda Jane Giveaway}

Oh Monday. You really can be downright awful.

I used to keep the weekend's chores for Monday mornings, and frantically tried to juggle a needy toddler, epic tantrums over the injustice of bed-making, my own frustrations at the improbable ephemerallity of Sundays, with pinterestically high standards of domestic serenity. And that, you guys, is a recipe for unfun.

{But then again, remember back a few years ago when I had to put on fancy clothes, pack myself into a hurtling sardine can of a Shanghai subway car, traveling underground across the city, and go to an actual office. Yuck.}

But these days, Mondays are sweet. 

In the mornings Stella asks me, "Mama, what's today?" And so I tell her, the day of the week and our plans. "It's Monday. It's Mama-Stella-Date-Day." Admittedly, on Mondays, she's usually quite disappointed to hear that there's no playgroup, no gym class, no ballet, no playdates on the schedule, and responds with a downcast "Oh." But I really love these unstructured days with no plans, no commitments, and no one but the two of us. And usually my girl, well, after a day full of Mama attention, she usually comes around too. 

This Monday we started off with a nice solid temper tantrum, but that was nothing a little game of Airport-Airport couldn't fix.

We packed our "bags", wrapped up our "babies", got in the "taxi", and took off for the "airport." Not before stopping for some passport photos, though. (And this is how you pose for passport photos when you're three and semi-Asian. See?}

{I seriously CAN NOT make my child stop posing like this.}

After a couple hours at pre-school, we headed out for our date. Which consisted of pancake, sausage, and french fry "lunch" for her, because it's Stella-Mama-Date-Day, so let's throw nutritional caution to the wind! There was time to check out some toy stores before hitting the supermarket where this girl behaved like the very best of little ladies, and helped me to "measure" all of the produce on the big scale. We even managed to beat Jakarta traffic, which is basically a miracle sent from heaven.

We didn't do anything special, really. But time together with no program and not pressure, well, that is a rare and special treat.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Can't stop, won't stop. Peace, everyone.

As for wardrobe choices, well this lady settled on the sweet Atmosphere Dress from  Matilda Jane and their Paint By Numbers collection. Which is on backwards, but you have to admit that it does kind of look adorable like this, no? And the sunshiny yellow buttons up the back totally work. (Accessories were all styled by Stella, btw.)

You'd have to admit that this dress is perfect for twirling, and posing, wouldn't you? Just the right amount of flounce, with a little tiny bit of stretch to make it comfortable enough for a picky three-year-old. Oh, and stripes don't hurt at all. Nor does a touch of pink. (Rules to dress Stella by: Stripes or pink. Anything else just won't do.)

Now for the fun part: A Matilda Jane Giveaway.

Matilda Jane sent me a gift card, but because I am so impressed with their clothing (I mean, could the effortless pattern mixing be any better??) I want to share the love. So I'm offering up 50 USD in Matilda Jane goodness!


To enter the Matilda Jane Giveaway:

Visit the Matilda Jane website and take a look around.

Leave a comment here telling me about what makes your Mondays sweet, and what Matilda Jane treasure would make next Monday even sweeter.

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The winner will be chosen next Monday, 28th October.  


Fine print: Matilda Jane did not sponsor this giveaway, or in fact, ask me to post it. They sent me some clothing to review, and a gift card (which I'm giving away.) All opinions are my own.