"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week."

Stella: Afraid to get in the pool, and reluctant to pose for my camera.


Stella and I received one of the most coveted tickets in expatdom this weekend: an invite to a Saturday afternoon barbecue with a house full of great people, a pool full of swimming kids, and lots and lots of grilled food with which to fill our bellies.

A barbecue with some friends is the simplest of pleasures, right? Something that you wouldn't think twice about in Suburban North America. But here, oceans away from the familiar, it's a rare treat, a connection to home and a reminder of community. 

We ate, and talked, chased kids, and laughed, until the skies opened up to a topical downpour and we all piled into taxis, and headed home, hearts full. 


How 'bout some colourful babies from last week? Strips and sandals in the grass; interplay of contrasting colours and geometric patterns, oh, and sparkles; and a knit baby hat that almost makes me want to feel that autumn chill. And here's a little Fox for good measure because week after week, his mum kills it with her camera.