Three and a Half

Stella turned three and a half yesterday. Though, if you ask her, she's just three. NOT and a half. Because that is JUST ridiculious. 


I surprised her with a cake after dinner. This is the first time I've made any sort of deal out of the a -and-a-half birthday thing. But I like it. And I hope to carry this with us wherever we end up next, a family ritual painstakingly packed up, and then revealed again each year, no matter where we live. 

I also took this occasion to finish a birthday video that I had started right before Stella's third birthday. I feel like six months is a reasonable amount of time in which to produce a birthday film. Yes? 

(Also, does anyone else feel quite murdery towards the new iMovie?? Becuase hajs;k!!) 

Life according to Stella at three from erica knecht on Vimeo.

Happy half birthday, kiddo. Life with you is three and a half times more fun. 


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