Stella Speaks


Isn't little-kid-speak, like, totally the greatest? I mean, hearing my girl tell me all her stories in her perfect toddler accent is my fav-wet. 

There are a few little gemstones that I intentionally leave uncorrected, because...they kill me dead. Every time. 


Wook at me, Mama! Wook! 

Driving by the water fountain in the roundabout:

Why is da mountain tuned off?


I have a ba-squito bite!


I will eat bas-ghetti for dinner! Fwrom woom-ferwvice! (Trans: From room service)

Me: Stella, can I sit in your lap?

Stella: You cannoooooot! Because I'm a children!

While switching roles in a game of restaurant-restaurant:

Okay, now I'm a people. "Excuse me, Nadam, what you want to dwink?"

It can not work! It's bloken! 


Can I go bare-a-foot?


As I'm headed out the door:

Are you going to a neeting? 


The baby will come out in da hos-ta-ble?

Me: Stella, how many sausages do you want?

Stella: One! One and two! One and two and five!


Pulling a German book out of the shelf:

Mama, can you speak dis one? 


Mama! You da iPad man! Papi is da sleeping man! (Trans: Mama, you put me to bed. Papi will sleep with me.)


I really enjoy these toddler expressions, and take pleasure in extending their shelf-life as long as possible. (Goodness knows I do the exact same thing to my poor, non-native English sepaking husband!)


Oh, and for my all-time favourite, most totally hilarious kid-speak, check out this ginger duo. Like, seriously. Prepare for some legit LOLs. 

What adorable things are your kids saying?


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