Nesting is a Cultural Experience {Baby Boy's Nursery Inspiration}

*alternate title: a rationalization as to why I'm seriously considering investing in a set of three 64 dollar wooden ducks*

I never really put together a nursery for Stella. Overwhelmed as I was by impending parenthood in a foreign country, and stretched by the costs of an over-seas move, a beautifully curated little room for our wee girl just never happened. Not that she minded. I mean, she was quite happy to sleep in our bed. And besides, she never much cared for minimalist design, anyway.

Still, creating a space in which to welcome a newborn is like a cultural experience, you know. I'd go so far as to say it's like a rite of passage. A symbolic, ceremonious act of loving preparation. When you're so far from home (and have a raging case of pregnancy crazy-sauce) these acts take on much greater significance.

And I feel like the first time around, I missed out on a major cultural expression vis-à-vis nursery design. 

Now that I have a chance for a do-over, I'm doing over!

Baby Boy will sleep in our room for the foreseeable future (where "our room" means baby boy's and mine because for reasons having to do with everyone's sanity, Mr. Chef is seeking refuge in quieter waters aka Stella's room). We're limited somewhat by space, and the the pre-existing fixtures that come built in to our apartment. There's a lot of dark wood going on. And I don't think I can change the curtains. We won't have a changing table or a rocking chair. I think Baby Boy's chest of dawers will have to live in his big sister's room. But we'll make do. I'm going to embrace that dark wood and ochre drapery and feather a little corner nest for Baby Boy to call his own. 

He'll use Stella's old crib (which is similar to the one pictured below. I have tragicomic story about that crib. You should ask me about it sometime.) I was thinking about painting it white, but on the suggestion of Mr. Chef, we'll probably keep it as is. It matches all the dark wood we have going on, so, maybe it'll work?