Pregnancy Update: Week 28 {Spoiler Alert: Still Gigantic}

(NB I totally intended to take a bump photo today, but then the skies started pouring down with rain and the light was terrible, and meh, here's a picture of an orchid bud because, symbolism etc.)


Well, hello there, third trimester! Somehow it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever yet also, third trimester wut? How did you get in here?


Anyway, time for a pregnancy update, right?


How Far Along: 28 Weeks + Change


Total Weight Gain: Masses. Though I’ve only gained 2 KG in the past month. So that puts the total somewhere around the 12 or 14 KG, which is scary considering I have more than ten weeks to go!


Sleep: Great! And I get a lot of it! Seriously, most nights I hunker down with a book by 8:30 and I pass out by 9:30. I’ve figured out an excellent pillow fortress situation, which makes sleep much better. So. No complaints! 


Maternity Clothes: Ugg. HAAAATE. Everything. All of it. I occasionally wear mat jeans, but mostly it’s yoga pants, and skirts and dresses of the maxi variety. I’m thinking I might need to do a little shopping though, because every time I have to get dressed, I'm like, excuse me while I vomit. Everything looks awful. 


Cravings: Super exciting things here: Ice Cold Water. Yum. Delish. Can’t get enough. (I’m not kidding. Water. I crave water. All of the water. Super cold and delicious.)


Aversions: None! Thank goodness, because last time around this pregnancy rodeo, they dogged me so hard.


Symptoms: I was getting a bit of sciatic pain, but that’s been mostly fixed thanks to yoga and the aforementioned pillow fortress. Occasionally I feel like the jaws of life are ripping open my rib cage, and by 5 PM I can no longer continue to breathe air AND wear a bra at the same time (I opt for air. Most days.) My tail bone is ouchy. I’m pretty tired (hence the early bed times), and can’t stay on my feet all day. However, these are minor bothers. I do feel like this pregnancy is less achey and painy than my first. So, yay!

I’ve been getting braxton hicks contractions, especially when I’m on the treadmill, and that’s making me a little less excited about exercising, because yikes, hormones, pregnancy panic etc.


Movement: Bonkers. Usually Baby Boy is bashing about in the evenings. And whenever I’m around screaming kids. When I take Stella to pre-school and the short-person shrieks are bouncing off the concrete walls, this kid is all, “let me out of here! I neeeeeeed to play!!!!” He’s also super not happy about me sleeping on my right side, getting quite fidgety when I’m mashing my belly right into his face. 


Belly Button: Innie. It stayed that way last time. Maybe I have an abnormally deep button?


What I’m Looking Forward To: An upcoming baby moon (of sorts)! AAAANNNNND, I may have found a doula. I’m meeting her next week! Which, THRILLING! It’s one of those things, like creating a nursery, that seem to carry such cultural weight, but at the same time feel next to impossible to accomplish in a foreign country. So that I’ve managed to track someone down is like a major accomplishment. 


What I Miss: I miss not being gigantic. Energy. My pre-preg wardrobe. I miss crossfit and really working out at the gym. I mean, I’m no fitness fanatic, but I do enjoy pushing myself on the occasion that I actually get to the gym, and at this stage of pregnancy I feel like I need to simmer down a bit. 


Other Exciting Discoveries:


So I’ve come across this product called BioBands. Here, let me show you:



Basically they use acupressure points to help relieve nausea. 

While I don’t have morning sickness any more, I do occasionally get a wave of feeling a bit queezy. Often this coincides to being stuck in Jakarta traffic or catching a whiff of durian, which come on, for the sake of pregs everywhere, should not be allowed in grocery stores, I mean, COME ON. I find when I wear my BioBand I’m less prone to that heavy-headed feeling. And, the other day I read an entire document in the back of a taxi, only to realise when I got home, hey?! I’m not car sick???!!! Huh. That, friends, i’m sure is due entirely to BioBands. Recommend. 


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