Snow in Jakarta

Here I present to you Jane and Michael Banks. They are sleeping and Mary Poppins has to sit in a chair and sing to them. All night long. A lot. Mary Poppins has to do some complicated hand maneuvers "wif your stufs" which very much resembles winding a ball of yarn. 

Jane and Michael will then wake up, get dressed, put on coats and hats, and head outside. The will be singing "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" and marching. Obviously. Because, duh.

Jane and Michael will then don snow boots, hats, scarves, and coats (first set of hats and coats notwithstanding) and head out into the hallway of the building where they will build snowmen. Jane and Michael have a remarkable awareness of the exact ingredients required to build a snowman despite never having actually seen one in real life. In fact, Jane and Michael have witnessed the existence of snowflakes about twice. Ever. 

The next day, while seated around the breakfast table, Jane is asked to recount her snowy adventures of the previous afternoon. Jane hops up, runs to the door, flings it wide for the world (or at least the hallway security cameras) to see that yes, Jane's family does eat breakfast in their skivvies. And hi, that's a nice invisible snowman.   

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