(Anyone else feel like phoning it in as we lead up to the holidays? Yes? Maybe it's my preoccupation with all things Christmas; maybe it's my current state of giganticism; maybe it's my house has been caught up in a vortex of chaos for the past few days, but I'm having a hard time thinking coherent thoughts. So here's a little brag-dorable anecdote for you. Imagine it's a real blog post.)


It's no secret that Stella is no fan of sleep. So when I proposed a little nap to exterminate the awful baditude that struck my kid down after school, she melted into a predictable puddle of tantrum tears. I explained that when our bodies are tired, it's important to rest, and if we're too tired to use our kind voices, we need to take a nap. 

No, no no, I not tired at awl! 

But Stella, you're awfully cranky. That makes me think you're tired.

No, I not cranky! See!

And then she stopped mid tantrum, tear and snot-streaked, and gave me this exact face.

So, obviously I peed my pants laughing because this kid is just too much.

(And for the record, no, she didn't take a nap.)


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