52 | The Ones That Got Away {From Far Away}

I've been enjoying playing along with Jodi and taking weekly portraits of my girl. And what fun to look back on the year that was, admiring the photographs that captured each of our 52 weeks. Of course there were and all the images that didn't make their way into my series, the ones that got away. And following Jodi's suggestion, I've gone back and gathered together a few images that I loved, but never got their moment in the sun.

2013 was certainly a year of travel. So for my collection of The Ones That Got Away, I've chosen images taken on our many (MANY!) little trips.

Admiring strange stone architecture in Cierbon, West Java.

Splashing on a stony beach overlooking Mt. Krakatau, West Java.

Singing on Bunaken, North Sulawesi.

Posing (always the peace sign, always) near Tomahon, North Sulawesi.

Sliding in Singapore.

Sitting next to the canal in Ottawa.

Climbing up the hills in Northern Ontario.

Chilling with Sagey in Toronto. 

More splashing in Singapore.

Exploring in Bali. 

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