Pregnancy Update: Week 35


No you can't see my face because uggg....Christmas cookies go straight to my cheeks, apparently. This dress, however, is my new obession. And, PS, they ship to Indoneisa. 

Last week my doctor wanted to move my due date three days South. And so, obviously, I threw a semi-tantrum right there on the ultra-sound table because three days is about an eternity at this stage of pregnancy, and frankly, I quite liked my previous due date. It had a good ring to it. A nice round number. So. Wah. Noooooo. And he, well versed in the ways of the crazy-preg-expat, was like, whoa….lady, you can keep your due date. We’re cool.


These are my big and troubling problems.  Woe. Etc. (By which, I mean, I have very few actual problems, and I’m totally counting my blessings.)


How far along?

LET”S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT. (35 weeks and change)


How big is baby?

At the last check up a week ago, he was measuring just over 2000 grams. And if I were a better, more organised mother, I’d know this sort of thing without googling average feral weight at 35 weeks. 



Fewer punches, more stretching. I can pretty accurately distinguish between a knee and an elbow (but I mean, who’s fact checking this?) Baby is most active in the evening until about midnight, a habit which I certainly hope he does not expect to carry into the world, because mama’s bedtime is 10 PM.


Total weight gain:

Eff you, Christmas. 



I thought for a while that I had given myself the internet curse by barging about how great my sleep was. A bout of insomnia had me wallowing in self-pity and general bad-attitudery or a while, but that seems to have cleared. I have regained both my nap powers, and my sound night sleeps, and all is right with the world.



I’ve been having a little heartburn, but nowhere near as bad as I had with Stella. It’s more a warm whiskey glow than the third degree chemical burn I had in my first pregnancy. 


I get the occasional tinge of physical fatigue, and bending down is like such a chore, but otherwise, I’m feeling remarkably well. I’ve got to tell you, I went into this pregnancy significantly stronger, fitter, and healthier than I was in my first pregnancy thanks to a CrossFit obsession that took me through the first six months of the year.  I think that makes all the difference. That being said, I’ve failed to maintain any sort of physical fitness regime during this pregnancy. So, don’t go thinking that I”m all virtue or something. 


Other little super interesting little gemstones:

I’m officially nesting! You guys! And in a good and healthy way, not in a frantic-freak-out-clean-all-the-windows-inside-and-out sort of way. I’ve got a nice to-do list. I’ve washed and put away all the baby clothes. I’ve boiled pre-folds and stuffed diapers. Closets are getting cleaned out, drawers are being organised, and things are coming together! I’m excited! And feeling like a real-life responsible grown-up! Hooray! 

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