The season of buying all of the the things is upon us! Hooray! While it's probably too late to order any of these little numbers to Indonesia, it's probably not too late to play imaginary shopping! (PS, my hobby.) So, here's what I'll buy myself for Christmas in my imagination. 

Because, adorable

Because stacking rings are trendy and gawd knows if there's a bandwagon, I'm on it.

Because I feel like grownups wear earings, and these ones are probably not that grabbable by baby hands. 

Because isn't this the greatest take on the pearl necklace


Because I've had this scarf in my mind for about ever and a half. 

Because it's Christmas, and you're feeling generous, right?

Because, real life.

Because it's breastfeeding friendly

Because playgroup will be 73 percent more awesome if I can bring muffins in a cute tin.


Because this seems like something a grownup would own. 

Because I really, really want you to know just how rad I am. 


Because, duh.


Because I feel like the great wheel of life owes me some ornamental bugs.


Because I'm dreaming.

Because I don't need to explain myself