Some Days Are Sub-Optimal

Some days your kid acts like a total vom sausage from morning till late afternoon. Some days the eternal struggle to determine the least objectionable type of breakfast food is, frankly, more than your feble mind can manage at 6 am. Some days it takes 47 minutes to get your kid's teeth brushed. Some days naps are preceded by an un-ending snotty screaming fit. Some days your child sit on your lap, twirling her hair, and spontaneously apologize. Some days she'll turn a corner at 4 PM and start using her kind voice and find her patience, so you'll capitalize on that good will and buy her a burger and milkshake for dinner, and a kind stranger will stop to admire your sweet wee one. And then you'll say good bye, round a corner, and then your kid will barf all over the floor. Twice. So. Hi. 

Some days, though, your kid says "ca-dow me". And so you do. 


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