This post was supposed to go up six days ago, but because I win at technology, it did not. And because I win a at ignoring life's responsibilities, I did not notice until now. So. Umm. Hi. Here's a non-contextual an probably redundant post from Monday. 


We spent yesterday morning preparing for the much anticipated arrival of Popa. So that meant cleaning, and organizing and trying to pretend that I keep house like a grown up. A certain small person was very glad lend a hand, because anything that involves paper towel and a kitchen, well, that's just about the bees knees. All she needs is a child-sized apron and, well, she'd be a total grown up homemaker. 

We're off on an other adventure this week, and our travels will take us beyond the reaches of the Internet. So, further frivolities and general nonsense will have to wait till we return.

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Oh, but voting army, I still nnnneeeeed you!!

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