Project Life ::: Week Six

Well, it appears that I'm behind, oh so behind, in my Project Life shenanigans. Does that surprise anyone? Didn't think so.

Week five, if I remember that far back, was rainy and punctuated by illnesses varied and sundry. My camera was forgotten in some dusty corner of my apartment. But, towards the end of the week, a sunny afternoon allowed a pool excursion. All in all, not to shabby.



afternoon sun made grapes glow // bubbles in the baby pool // post-pool lounging.


I've got a few Project Life posts to catch up on, and then we'll be all about our adventures into West Java. Highlights included barf! monitor lizards! bonkers sunburns! and some of the most amazing food I've had so far in Indonesia. So yes. Consider this a cliffhanger. Or something. 

Also, um, to anyone who's voted for my blog, here's a heartfelt thank you. Really. I came back from our vacation, a week off-line and discovered that we'd moved up six places and are now in the top 10 on Top Baby Blogs. This blows my mind. Your generosity and support really touch me. So thank you!!



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