A story about sunscreen, ponies, and crying in public.

Here's a little lesson which I learned the hard way: sunscreen works way better when you remember to pack it.


Remember that trip I took with my dad? That two-hour boat ride wherein I was immobilised by a seasick toddler? In blinding, equatorial sun? Yeah. Two weeks later, I'm still peeling.

As an aside: I also forgot my toothbrush, my child's toothbrush, all my makeup, face wash, soap, cream, shampoo, and my hair brush. I did remember to bring two chargers for my phone. Which tells you more than I really should feel comfortable revealing about myself.

Over the weekend Stella and I got up at the crack of dawn and headed out to the hills with some favourite friends for a little bit of fresh air, pony riding, tea plantation exploration, and stream splashing. Despite the  ridiculous traffic (and I do mean ridiculous; it took two hours to travel seven km, which for you Americans is about three miles) we had a lovely time. And best of all, no sunburns!


In what was kind of an organisational coup, I did remember the sunscreen when we embarked upon our most recent adventure. I know. Three cheers for MMMMMEEEEEE!

We slathered on California Baby's Summer Blend SPF 30+ sunscreen and, ta-da! No burns! No bug bits! No deadly chemicals (except, of course, those occurring naturally in Jakarta's super clean and fresh air).


So, can I tell you another little story of great frivolity that reveals more about my personality than is probably wise?


When I was pregnant in Japan, one of my greatest sources of worry was the fact that I could not buy ALL THE THINGS that the people and the internet told me I needed to have in order to keep my future baby fresh, safe, chemical free, therefore secure in her position as the child of an attentive, socially aware, high-achieving urban parent. 

I am not kidding. This dearth of baby products lead to more than one instance public sobbing. In  Babies r Us. Because wahhhhhh! Everything is so JAPANEEEEESEEEE and not American and organics are wahhhhh chemicals also BPA omg Parental failure.


So, naturally I headed off to the good ol' US of A in the later stages of pregnancy with an empty suitcase just waiting to be filled with quality American consumer goods. And I came back to Japan with a lot of California Baby products. 


Anyway. Now that I've revealed just how shallow I am, this slave to the industrial baby complex, I will now tell you that I really like California Baby's Summer Blend sunscreen. The SPF is high enough for everyday use; the addition of citronella, lemongrass and cedar oils keeps bugs at bay and smells terrific; and the product is gentle on my kid's super sensitive skin. 

It rubs in well, though perhaps not as quickly as conventional sunscreen. It's a bit on the sticky side, but does moisturize and sooth my kid's aforementioned delicate skin. And it is not full of all sorts of nasty chemicals that I don't really know too much about, but are all just kind of vaguely menacing, and so I'm happy to have them left out of my kid's skincare routine.  



Okay, so, now, in a masterful feat of blogging genius, I will weave these two distinct narratives together into one cohesive work of art. Ready?


If you live in Indonesia, and are pregnant with your first baby, you don't have to ugly cry in public for fear of chemical-laden baby toiletries because, California Baby products are available here! And you can order them online! (But you have to pay for them with a bank transfer. You do this from your ATM or online banking. Just FYI.)


Good news, right?


I know I'm pleased. I'm going to order another sunscreen. I'll keep one tube in my kid's backpack so I'll never again find myself in an aquatic situation without adequate sun protection. 


And finally, here's a promo code for you. Use LOVE10 for 10% off your entire order!


Also: we road ponies. Here's a picture.



 My kid looks totally impressed, no?


Disclosure time, bitchez! I was sent a tube of California Baby Summer Blend cream free of charge. I was not offered any monetary compensation for this post. It's simply a brand that I like. And use. A lot. So. Yay! It's here in Indonesia!!!  

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