Project Life ::: Week Nine

The whole premise of this undertaking, this weekly documentary photo project, was take the focus off desperately seeking inspiration each and every day when sometimes that afflatus was just kind of decided to take the day off.  

Week nine was one of those weeks. I took a few pictures. But not a lot. So here, instead, is the evening of the Ninth Friday of 2013, which is quite representative of most of our Friday evenings.

We have a standing pizza date, this girl and I. It usually includes ice cream, chocolate only, because duh.




sitting at the table, waiting for pizza // telling me about her fwiends // looking up // wine. so precious in Indonesia // watching fancy people going to fancy parties while be totally not fancy ourselves.


+++           ++++         +++

In other news, we're like totally closing in on the top five of top baby blogs, which totally blows my mind. A few votes could really help bump us up a notch. 

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