Project Life ::: Week Twelve

Let's just wrap this week up, put a ribbon on it and call it done, shall we? I mean, it was kind of the pits. Anyone else with me on this?

In addition other generalized complaints about life and being a grown-up and stuff, poor Stella has been rocking a low-grade fever since Sunday night (a week of a feverish, totally bonkers, and overly-mucousy two-year-old! Excuse me while I clink my champagne flute and compliment myself on being totally fab.) I finally bit the bullet and brought this little imp into the doctor on Friday where it was proclaimed that she had tonsillitis. Blurg.

Today saw a drastic turn for the worse and a new diagnosis of middle ear infection! Baby's first otitis media!

Still, before we throw this week out with the bath water, let's just take a moment to remember the times that I wasn't covered with snot:


retail therapy brings me a new way to organize my bedside reading // jammies and The Sound of Music on the living room floor // a slight improvement in constitution allowed for us to attend performance week at ballet class (kind of regret it now) (don't regret it now) // this is what most of the week looked like // a happy surprise from Amy // post-doctor duck banh mi // great type.

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