April, you're gonna be great, right?

So, I'm kind of excited {slash} terrified about this, but I'm doin' it anyway.


I'm putting out a call for blog sponsors for April.


I've been doing a few sponsored posts, here and there, and now I'm ready to take this blog up a notch. I've got a few really exciting projects in the works (which are super top secret right now, but stick around. In three to six months you may see a little taste of what's going on), and part of my game plan involves supporting my internet home.

Any revenue that comes in from sponsorship will be re-invested in this blog to help it grow, which in turn, will send more traffic to your blog / website / business.

Sponsorship will get you a nice little spot in my sidebar, plus two organic links per month. 

And as an inaugural deal, I'll offer a buy-one-get-one situation. Buy a spot for a month, get two. Yes?

April is going to be rad. New adventures to places that until about a month ago, I'd never heard of. This may or may not involve monkeys. But certainly there will be some jungle. Some blogger meet-ups coming. A few articles coming, and a new guest post project. 

Who wants in on this ride? 

Email me at erica {at} expatriababy {dot} com.

Horary! (also, eep!)

Erica Knecht3 Comments