Help Me Save The World, One Smoothie At a Time

When Stella was a little one, I used to make all of her baby food. I lovingly prepared all sorts of gourmet concoctions: cardamom, mango, banana; sweet potato with ras el hanout other equally pretentious combinations. And guess what. She barely ate any of them. I mean, if I could get her to eat a tablespoon of food in a day, I was pretty happy.
And so it was, until we went to North America when S was around eight months old. There we discovered the profound depths of the infant industrial complex, and realised we could not live without these convent pouches of gourmet baby food. 
They were delicious! And healthy! And most amazingly of all, my kid would eat them! And they were perfect for travel! And also, totally not available in Japan. Obviously I cried about this (simply another episode in a long list of Things About Parenting in Japan That Made Me Weep Bitter Tears.) 
So imagine my thrill when I dissevered similarly convenient and healthful (though admittedly way less delicious) baby food packets available in Indonesia. And then consider my bitter disappointment when I discovered that my kid thought they were totally ukkkky. Especially since they cost upwards of 6 USD a pouch. Oy.
Anyway, THEN I dissevered YummiPouches. Reusable, refillable baby food pouch that you can pack with your own delicious baby food. They zip closed tight tight tight. There's even a little field upon which you can mark the contents and production date of your own hippie delicious food. Believe me, this totally appeals to my aspirational type-a personality.
Last week's epic illness gave me the opportunity to try them out on Stella. I passed her one filled up with raspberry smoothie and told her "Look, it's baby food!" (She's going through a major baby stage right now, so I thought I'd go in for the hard sell.)
She took two sips and declared it ukkky.
Hmmm. Must of been the extra spinach, or possibly the molasses. Could be the chia seeds. She used to really love sommthies. What the what, toddler??!!
Anyway, the pouches are great. Super easy to use. The clean up easily, even for the dishwasher deprived amongst us, and the closing mechanism is freakishly strong. They can go in the freezer, which would be perfect. I also totally dig that they are reusable. Because I am a hippie. Obvs.
So, all that stands in the way of me saving the universe one reusable pouch of baby food at a time is a good smoothie recipe. 
Anyone have any good ones to share? 
Oh, and hey, YummiPouches is offering a 20 percent off when you purchase two or more packs of pouches. Just go here, and use the promo code 20OFFTWO.
Disclosure: YummiPouches sent me a set of six pouches free of charge, but did not compensate me in any other way. The recommendations and opinions contained herein are mine alone.

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