bunnies and other such nonsense.

Major religious / cultural holidays take on a different tone when you're living an ocean or two away from home. If you are the type to put a positive spin on things, you might say that living so far away from the Industrial Easter Complex distills the holiday down to it's true essence, without all the consumer trappings that go hand-in-hand with the holiday. Or, if you're a pragmatist, you might just say, meh, Easter.

We set up an Easter egg* hunt for our Bunny.

(*Side note: not too sure if this is a cultural thing, or just a difference in my family, but I'm pretty sure that Canadians do Easter egg hunts differently. We don't have candy-filled plastic eggs on the lawn {possibly because the lawn is covered in snow, gah! Canada, you're such a jerk about winter} but we hunt for foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in the comfort of our living room. So anyway, an outdoor Egg hunt was, like, a total thrill for me. Though I did learn a valuable lessons: chocolate melts in the equatorial sun. Duh.)

I hadn't really primed Stella for the notion of Easter and the Easter bunny. Living, as we do, in a Muslim country, she does not get much exposure to the trappings of cultural Christianity or the major high holy days. You know. She was a bit suspicious about the whole thing. A recent introduction to the concept of rats, which were explained to her as "small bunnies", may or may not have predisposed her to be distrustful of the Easter Bunny. I dunno. 


But with a littler persuasion, and some help from Nanny, she got into the game.


The garden provided all sorts of fun hiding places for our eggs (and lammbies). Balinese Hindu statue, FTW!!!


My attitude of, Meh Easter, left my poor kid without an Easter basket. A yellow bucket lined with Easter napkins and a little scrap of bow totally did the job, though. 

Stella didn't seem to mind her unorthodox basket, but she was soon distracted by a dust pan laying around, and thought that would make a much better Easter vessel. So, um, okay. 

So, we ended the day with half-melted chocolate, a swim, and a traditional Easter lasagna (???) for dinner, and cries of Happy bunny day from the tropics!!! 

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