Um, hi. I'm blogging from a tropical island.

Can't talk. Too much tropical island adventure. 



We've been spending the past 5 days on, what is perhaps, the most idyllic island in the Indo Pacific. There's not much to do here but explore, swim, build sand castles, and take afternoon naps. Oh, and learn to SCUBA dive, explore some of the most pristine coal reefs in the world, swim with green turtles and spot reef sharks, which, wut??! 

Anyway, just so you don't feel too bad about not being here too, I'll confess that it's been raining for a few days, the internet is molasses, and a certain two-year-old has been being quite two. However! Tropical island! Lifetime dream accomplished!

Now, on to the jungle where we'll hang out with some monkeys for a few days. 


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