project life: week fourteen: Sulawesi + bali

Alternate title: here are a million pictures of our vacation, most of them featuring the back of my child's head.

I was congratulating myself for having made so many images of subjects other than my child. But looking through these, I guess I don't really know what the fluffernutter I am talking about. 

I'm a bit behind on my Project Life sitch, which is mostly due to the fact that my vacation has left me totally and utterly exhausted. Too much fun can do that to a person. So can too may 4 AM wake ups, and too few moments spent alone, which for an introvert like me can result in some pretty major orneriness.  

Nevertheless, a great time was had by all. This kid of mine, she was a real star. After a few nights of pretty dramatic papi-separation-melancholia, she jumped right into the idea of being away from our normal routine, christening each new hotel in which we stayed with a new moniker: Bunaken Home, Tomohon Home, Bali Home, and then back to Jakarta Home. 

I guess that's the nature of expat childhood; you kind of learn that home is not a static place, rather it is where you are together with your family. 

Still, we're both trilled to be back in Jakarta home. Stella is dreaming about choo-choo rides with papi, and I'm thinking about consequential and far-reaching matters in homemaking. Like, OMG, totally want to make something with cream cheese frosting, and maybe I should buy a baking sheet, and lets talk about couches for ever and ever and ever, okay? 

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's what we were up to, two weeks ago. 







the discovery of a guitar at our hotel pretty much made her life // building sand castles and decorating them with coral // left the rainy beach for the rainy highlands // toddler style is inexplicable // jungle behind, ocean in front // an after lunch walk and the sun finally came out // the rim of a volcano // I've always dreamt of sleeping in a bed with mosquito netting. so romantic. (I shared it with my kid and her nanny / my friend. less romantic.) // fish at the market in Tomohon, which was so bonkers I've got to tell you about it one day. //

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Happy Sunday!

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