Project Life ::: Week sixteen

I'm playing a bit of catch up here on Project Life.

You see, despite these pretty pictures, in Actual Life I'm behind in just about everything, suffering major anxiety about emails I owe people, (if you're one of those, hi. And sorry) and projects that are languishing somewhere in the bowels of my hard drive. There's origami paper strewn all over the living room, a half-finished cake in teh kitchen, I've absconded my parenting duties, (here iPad, raise my kid!!), and I've just just endured what has been, essentially, a 12 hour tantrum. 

Anyway, in happier news, my blog freind and fellow photography novice / aspiring photography awesome Liz turned me on to some VSCO presets which, are like amazing. I'm still learning how to use them, so likely what follows looks like the digital scribbling of a click-happy seven-year-oldy, but whatever. I kind of totally feel like a grown up photography person, because, I dunno.

So, what this long pre-amble boils down to is that I took some photographs while we were in Bali. I'm only posting them now. And the rest of week fifteen will have to remain an enigma (spoiler: it rained a lot and I was exhausted.). 

beach view at nusa dua // beach baby // a bird hunting fish as we hunted breakfast pastries // thatched roofs had me at hello // Balinese dance on our last night on the island. 

As always, I tip my hat to Ronnie, my inspiration for this project. 

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