Hi. Welcome to a nonsense blog post.

Heyyyyyyy, it's that time again! That time where I tell you that I'm accepting sponsors for next month. Exciting, no?




(Mostly, I have to broadcast this message because adding a proper sponsor page to my website has been on my list of to-dos for, like six months, but here I am, not doing it, because not doing things on my to do list is what I do best.)

(Also, I'm stuck in a perpetual existential crisis regarding the life altering decision about going all in with Passionfruit and streamlining the sponsorship process, or keepin it real [insofar as one who sells one's soul for cash money can keep it real] and writing the html myself, and I dunno, actually communicating with people want to support my blog.)

(Further, any income that is generated through sponsorship is reinvested back into this blog. So, it's basically like buying a stock in the internet.)

(Also, a propos of nothing, I would like to tell you the groundbreaking news that Google Reader will be kicking it this summer. For a great post about alternatives, check out what Rachel has to say. Obviously I still have not decided upon my replacement of choice, because why have a mole hill when you can make a mountain!!??? but if you're already dealing in Blog Lovin, I'm there too.)

In conclusion, if you're interested in supporting this little corner of nonsense, send me an email at erica {at} expatraiababy {dot} com. 


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