"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013."

Stella: "I swimming! I can do it mine self!" 

It was a monumental week. A holiday Thursday (Ascension Day, in a Muslim country is a holiday. Who knew??) meant lots of time at the pool. In the past when I had tired to encourage my girl to wear her water wings, it was as if I were suggesting that she insert her arms into rings of acid and flames. My timid girl is not one for taking risks, you see.

This day, she suggested I put them on. We hopped into the pool, and then I let go. A moment of panic was followed by the giddy realization that she could float, and she was off! We swam the length of the pool, and stayed submerged till our hands were prunes and the light started to fade. 

So, siblings. I guess they're on my mind. I enjoyed this picture of a quiet boy and his roaring brother via Oyster and Pearl. And Sisila's brown haired lovelies. And the cool perspective and the way these two sibs echo each other from Milk Please Mum



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