Project Life ::: Week Nineteen

For a week which I felt was full of work, and took me too often out of the house and away from my girl, these photos remind me that, maybe, actually, we had a great week together. Thanks, Internet. Thanks, blogging. You're a peach. 



top and pants c/o le petit society. free and fast shipping to Asia, btw!

//Stella's premature birthday celebration at school; time is dragging me kicking and screaming towards three // I stayed after snack time for a bit of parachute play and ball throwing, I mean, how could i resist? // swimming! by stel-wa self!!! // Saturday morning painting // the project goes up on the wall // an afternoon photoshoot gets rained out, and this girl is terrified of thunder. //


Linking up with The Beatle Schack. Go there and see some gorgeouse photos of the brand new Elke.

As always, this porject was inspired by Pink Ronie, who is tops, btw.