Things and Stuff.

THIF  S Or something. This week. THIS WEEK. Eff you, this week. I've been knee deep in life stuff which has been entirely sub-optimal, plus sleep stuff (also lower than awesome, but Mr. Chef has born the brunt of that one), parenting stuff (OMG THE TANTRUMS "mama GO OUT! mama come here! NO GO OUT! Heartbreak + rejection at ear-shattering pitch x 45 minutes) and work stuff (awesome why are there not more minutes and hours and time you dirty bastard).

Thank god it's Saturday so I can hide out in a cafe, catch up on internet stuff, enjoy burger and milkshake in good conscience, and perhaps stock up on some fake DVDs. 

Here are some things that I've enjoyed round these ol internetz.

A plan of atack to get out of the doldrums (PS did you know that The Doldrums is actually a place? Like in geography? Where sailors get stuck for weeks and months and eternity because the wind just kind of quits? I know because I just listened to an hour-long radio program about sailing around the world. I am SUCH a nerd.)

This is my child's spiritual twin. 

A great post on being okay with not loving all aspects of little kid fun timez. For me, it's playing babies. OMG, stab me in the eye. 

Amy has added personalized art to her shop

Baby crack for all you android users. (Too soon, Tom Ford?)

I've been pondering the greater questions in life, including cargo vests, fantastic graphic tees for toddlers, and the perfectly draping white tee-shirt. Any suggestions on the latter?

One strategy I'm employing to deal with the tantrums (with limited efficacy, I'm more OMG RAGEFACE than pace and calm) is to remind myself that it's a phase. It will pass. Time slips by etc. etc. etc.  Here, case in point. 

There was a really fantastic piece in the Atlantic a few weeks ago about touch screens and toddlers. It lead me to this app, much to the delight of both me and Stella. 

Speaking of screen time, we've been spending ours watching Infant Self Rescue Swimming videos. Which promted Stella to believe that she could swim, when in fact, she can not. 

I'm pretty sure that life can not continue without this pillow. And this has been hanging out in my Etsy cart for far too long. 

SO, I wanted to link to some flower faces that Roxy Marj posts on her instagram (must follow @roxymarj). They're beautiful, quirky and totally inspring. But, because I do not with the internet, I can not. Instead, here's her blog. (PS I'm @expatriababy).