Rained out Play Dates and Le Petit Society

A couple of weekends ago, I got together with a couple of blogger friends, Ana and Kaho and their adorable boys. We wanted to showcase a few outfits that the lovely people at Le Petit Society had sent to us.

Our plan was to play outside, enjoy some green, some (relatively) fresh Jakarta air, and perhaps a quick splash in the pool.

And so, in what was a act of pure scheduling genius, I was all, Hey, friends, come over at three! It'll be better for taking pictures. You know, no harsh shadows, golden hour etc. etc. etc. 


(OMG, bloggers are THE WORST, lolz and stuff.)


So, obviously, at five minutes after three we heard our first clap of thunder. 


And then a torrential rainstorm. 


(Late afternoon is prime-rain-storm-time. I'm obviously a tropical novice.)


The sub-optimal weather was like, totally NOT OKAY with the talent. Well, with one particular talent. This kid would NOT pose for photos because, no. I'm two. Related: NOOOO!


Hi. I'm not posing. And that golden hour you promised? Huh?


 Still won't pose. Also: thunder = scary.

This guy, though? He's a champion. Not phased one bit by a strange environment and loud air noises. Directions? YES SIR! I will follow them!! Pose? Here? Sure thing! Let me add my winning smile, and a little twinkle in my eye. Just because! 


Is this kid photogenic, or what?



We moved the party inside where the lighting was terrible and the toys were everywhere. Frankly, I think Stella was kind of gunning for this turn of events. She's not one for dirt and outside or wet and rain. Toys! Playing! Mess! French Fries! A baby! All the best things in life!!


But the best, by far the best, (at least according to my kid) was this little guy. Isn't he the sweetest? 


There may or may not have been a display of toddler-style "gentleness" more akin to a mauling, and a certain someone who was quite distressed that this pre-verbal baby was not responding to her commands of "Baby Y come here! COME HERE! Sit my wap! HERE! COME!!! NOW!!! Sit! HERE!! COME!! Mama, make Baby Y wisen to me." 



Alas, she got her cuddles. And he? Well. I mean? COME ON! He's just too much!


All in all, a successful is sopping wet play date. 

We all agreed that the clothing was a hit. A certain little boy was all about the rocket print shorts; and a certain girl was thrilled to see the marriage of her two favourite things in life: stripy-stripy and candy pink. The mums were into the whimsical prints, nice pops of colour, and totally assessable price point. 

If you're in the market for some adorable outfits for your wee ones, I encourage your to check out Le Petit Society. Their girls collection is adorable (this is Stella's new favourite shirt), but I'm stoked on their boys' line. So stoked in fact, that I may or may not have hinted that my girl's a bit of a tom boy, and can she please have these rocket print shorts? And you know these patch pants? Umm, they're super nice???


Oh, and if you live in Asia, they ship free. FREEEEE. Free. 

Disclosure: Le Petit Society sent some clothes for Stella, and the boys to try out with no obligation to write about their products. I were not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions herein are mine alone! Thanks, Le Petit Society, your clothes are fantastic and so are you!