Things and Stuff.

Coming at you from Singapore where the sidewalks are clean and totally walkable (and I might add not liable to lead you to a doomy sewage-filled end). We're enjoying ice-cream sandwiches (made street-side, with real bread!) and Indian food (that cost a small fortune, but there's been a palak panneer shaped hole in my heart, so you know. Worth it!!) Singapore is lovely, fresh and green and totally civilized, but don't worry, Jakarta, you're still my girl (even if you do smell like purifying garbage sometimes.)

I've been thinking a lot, recently, about the true cost of goods. Who really pays for our seven dollar t-shirts? Georgia wrote recently about living simply, and The Tragic Sandwitch just published a post about the companies who have failed to sign onto the Bangladeshi Factory Safety Plan. Here's good article on the subject. Certainly I'll be staying away from Target and The Gap, which admittedly isn't that hard in Indonesia. Still, I am thinking about the good we can add to the world, and the impact of our purchasing decisions. I mean, what if we supported companies that did good work instead of companies that supplied cheap goods? What if we paid a fair price for our goods and just bought a little bit less?

Here's Jed and Marne, one company that does good work in Guatemala. They make adorable woven shorts for boys and sweet dresses. And their men's shop is pretty great. Fathers Day is coming up, so. 

Have you seen Udder's A/W collection? It's all produced in Indonesia using traditional techniques under ethical working conditions. Stella has a few items from their Make Believe collection, which is on sale, btw!

Stella her apron which was by Amy at The Arty Apple

I'm loving this print

And this ginger cat is like totally the sweetest. 

I'm loving this Etsy shop. 

And I somehow feel that this t-shirt is entirely required for living in Indoneisa. 

Do you think Facebook intrerferes with your productivity? Or do you think it's a well-needed brain-break? 

Imagine if you got to take your toddler on Safari? Eva practically LIVES in a safari.