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 "a portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2013."

I hope you'll indulge me. Stella's birthday is tomorrow. I'm feeling nostalgic. Three portraits it is. Okay?

Stella: Riding in her Papi's arms on the last day she's two. // Riding the gondola to Santosa Island // Playing in the "mountain."


We're in Singapore celebrating Stella's third birthday and our seven year wedding anniversary. All I wanted to do was eat paneer and all Stella wanted to do was ride a choo-choo and play in the mountain (fountain for those of you uninitiated with Stella-speak.) 

I hereby officially declare us successful on all fronts. I've eaten at least half my bodyweight in paneer, and consumed Indian food for three meals in a 24 hour window (that's commitment, friends). My child has ridden countless subway trains (which equals a bona fied choo-choo in awesomeness when you're two), spent the morning digging in the sand and splashing in a mountain. Oh, and she got her first ever ice cream cone, which in case you're new to the game, is a sight so hilarious it's reason enough procreate.



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