Stella Turns Three. In Singapore.

Stella tuned three yesterday. Three. THREE??!!! Three. 

Since we hadn't taken a proper family vacation since, oh, um, ever, we decided that this was the weekend to make a long put off trip to Singapore. I mean, what self respecting jet-setting newly-three-year-old spends her birthday in her country of residence??I mean??!!!

(Plus we got a cheap flight, and a free hotel room. So.)

We started Stella's birthday morning off in style with a sleep-in (thanks to a one hour time difference! Three cheers for jet lag!) Then there was cake on a silver platter (I mean, obvs.), and a trip to the toy store (which is becoming somewhat of a birthday tradition). Wee S made out like a bandit with a stack of German books and a mini guitar. The day may or may not have also featured an ice cream cone, a swim in the pool and a plate of nasi goreng.

We capped off the day with a plane ride, a chance to pull her beloved suitcase through the airport one last time, and half a muffin for dinner because we win at parenting and also planing ahead. 


A delightful birthday, if you ask me. Though I fear we may have set the bar a little too high. I don't know what we're going to do when this kiddo turns four. 

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