Project Life ::: Week Seventeen

I'm still a week behind in my project life. And perhaps also in life?'s a few moments from last week. Which, although not the most superawesomefuntimes of weeks (it rained a lot; Mr. Chef worked a lot; Stella tantrumed a lot; I used grown up words a lot), we still managed to extract some sweetness. 



this gargoyle* watches out over my room // post-nap tantrums // rainy afternoon keeps us indoors // a few of my favourites on the sill // Papi worked all weekend, so we made up for it with "special treats" in a cafe //


So, about the gargoyle. Last week we moved Stella into her own big bed in an attempt to encourage her to sleep the whole night through in her own room. Now, she is sleeping in her room, but not without company. At around 4 AM on the first night in her new bed, she sat up, looked at me, and asked "Mama, you go bye-bye in the lion's nose? The lion eat you, mama?" It was heartbreaking, poor thing. 


This gargoyle may or may not be the lion in question. But, whomever the culprit of her nighttime fear, she hasn't let it go. She still asks me, over a week later to confirm that I was not eaten by a lion. We've also got ourselves some lion spray to protect against nocturnal intruders (lion spray recipe >>> fill a spray bottle with water; add a few drops of tea tree oil; lions be gone).


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