Omg! Hi internet! Hi! Where have I been? 


Ummmm, not here? I guess?


School's out, so that's left me with fewer hours to spend tooling around the vast ol' interwebz. And while I could dump my child on her nanny for 9 hours a day, I do feel some compulsive need to actually be a parent and spend time with my child. 


Also, evening 'puter time is not happening due to a raging case of  being three and thinking 4:30 AM is an acceptable time to start one's day. 


So, If you'll allow me to ease back into blogging with a total throw-away nonsense post? Because we need to take it slow, internet. We need to take it slow.


And in that light, as inspired by Danielle, here's a Currently post for you:



Watching: The Sound of Music. All the time. Over and over and over. It's Stella's current obsession. She knows all the songs, and is choreographing dance routines. She's learned to curtsey ℅ Maria von Trap et al. We've also discovered a new form or imaginative play: von Trapping. Whenever we come within 500 m of a set of stairs, we absolutely have to stop to re-enact the Good Bye song for SoM.  We recently put The Sound of Music on Stella's iPad which was either lunacy (all SoM all the time) or genius insofar as we no longer have to fastforward and rewind the DVD to watch and re-watch and re-watch Stella's favourite scenes.


Listening to: THE SOUND OF VON TAPPING MUSIC. I put the soundtrack on my "gym phone" (read iPod), and so when we are not watching the movie itself, we can re-create it's magical singing and dancing glitter sauce in the comfort of our living room. 

I'm also into two new-to-me podcasts: The Story by APM has a super fascinating series about wrongly-convicted Americans.  The History of The English Language is equally absorbing and also great for quelling my insomnia. And my god, you guys, those Early Germanic tribes? Who knew the were so interesting??? (Admit it, I just totally amazed you with my nerdpowers, didn't I?)

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Anticipating: A potential (probable?) trip to Canada in August. I was going back and forth on the idea of going back or not….somehow crossing the equator  with a three-year-old seems like a massive undertaking. But the allure of fresh corn on the cob, unlimited bacon, and visits with lovely friends and family has swayed me. Mr. Chef will also likely come along which will make this our first real family vacation since Stella was five months old!


Thinking About: Schools. I need to get Stella on the waiting list for school in the 2014/2015 academic year, which sounds like aeons away, but spots fill up fast here. And for the obvious choice, we may already be too late to get in. I'm thinking about where we should send her: to the main international school where everyone goes (which has a reputation for a kind of elitist attitude amongst the administration, and is chock full of rich kids which makes my commie heart cry red tears)? To the German school which, with Jakarta traffic is basically on the other side of the universe? To the school that's close by but has no outdoor play area, and is kind of Asian in it's methodology (which, PS is fine, but not in line with my own educational values)? To the small, cute, school where a bunch of our friends go, but is located inconveniently and due to traffic, could take 20 minutes or one hour++++infinity to reach? Or to her current school which continues to offer a program through senior kindy? Arrrg? Where's the adult to make these tough decisions for me?  


Eating: Not bacon. And also not well. My cooking juju has been lost, guys. I don't know what to do! Everthing I make turnes to gross. On Monday I invested big bucks in ingredients for a delicious dinner of chicken stew with dumplings and roast veggies. And lo, the chicken and dumplings came out inedible. My husband, who is usually quite complimentary re. my cooking (I think he's trying to encourage more of it???) asked me if I used urine as an ingredient. In seriousness. 


Wishing: That my high school friends lived closer. Three of the five of them just had babies. Babies whom I have not squished or hugged or pinched or cooed at. This is a prime motivator for getting over my fear of long flights and getting myself to Canada this summer. 


What's going on with you?