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Hi, due to my inter-webular absence, I'm playing catch up on my two photo projects. 

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013."

Stella: Being ridiculous. Like usual.

We're seeing a lot of this silly face, lately. Particularly right after the bathroom lights have been summarily extinguished while either Mr. Chef or myself is in the shower. We've entered a new phase of toddlerhood where Miss S thinks that being naughty is HILARIOUS. And while we're doing our best to ignore no-bueno behaviour, when Stella is laughing so hard at her uproarious self that she forgets normal human functions like breathing air, I can't help but crack my cool.  Which is in no way conducive to effective discipline. 


Oh, and by some unbelievable twist of fate, I'm number one in TBB, which, let's face is, is kind of the highlight of my life. Thanks to all of you who've shown support to my silly blog. It really means a lot! Special thanks to the Keitai Godess for pointing out this exciting fact!


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