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"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Stella: Reenacting the puppet show seen from The Sound of Music using two play spoons as stand-ins for the marionettes controller thingies. 

I may have mentioned that it's all Sound of Music all the time here in rumah Knecht. Here's proof. We're not even watching the movie, but we still have our daily run troughs of the scene list: good-bye song; do-rae-me; puppet show; edelweiss. The one good thing that's coming from this obsession: my kid can curtsy like a lady. Which is a life-skill, really. 



Here's a few images from last week that I loved - black and white, because I'm feeling moody? Up and down siblings; beautiful Bo on a gorgeous blanket; four gorgeous boys (all with excellent names, I might add); and for a pop of coulour, Lily proving that sliding is serious business.