Stella's Third Birthday Bash!!!!

This post is basically one gigantic humblebrag. You're welcome.

If gratuitous self-indulgent images of a ridiculously bonkers third birthday party are your things, well then, nice to see you. Hi.  If not, then uhhhh, sorry I'm not sorry. (But come back later for a give-away!)


Last weekend I hosted my first ever proper birthday party. And OMG, these things! They give me years of anxiety. I'm just not cut out for this sort of nonsense. 

Some may say that the only reason that was able to work up the courage to host this fiesta is the fact that we live in a hotel. So, actually the hotel hosted. Let's be real. All I did was throw together a few pompoms, made a gift bag, and then needed to sleep for a week to recover. 


My kid, though, thought the whole affair was glitterawesome, and that's what counts, right?


For the past four months or so, whenever her birthday was referenced, Miss Stella made clear her expectations:


"What kind of party do you want, Stella?"


"What do you want for your birthday, Stella?"


"When's your birthday?"



Okay, so we made a pink party.


I found the sweetest little store that sells traditional Indonesian candies and toys. They went into the gift bags that was made from fabric scraps painted in pink ombre stripes.


We had a pink ombre cake (OMG that cake. SO MUCH STRESS. And no I didn't make it. But don't talk to me about the gigantic 18 inch pink barbie princess cake topper which mysteriously found its way onto the cake after I said specifically, NO PRINCESSES. I almost lost my mind.)



In keeping with the theme, the birthday girl wore the sweetest little dress courtesy of Baby Beau and Belle. I wasn't initially sold on the idea of a pink party dress, but I showed it to my girl, and she about lost her mind. So, okay. How can I say no?? And I have to admit, it was kind of all sorts of adorable. And Stella loved it. She showed it off to anyone who so much as cast their eyes in her direction. Oh, was she proud. And I mean, can you blame her?? 



Indonesian birthday parties tend to be pretty intense affairs. There's usually a massive guest list, tones of food, entertainers, and MC, plenty of prizes, and organised games. Guests bring total big deal presents, which are typically opened post-party.

 In my day, we ran around the back yard, ate some cake, opened presents, and then called it a party well hosted. We  were lucky if our parents threw a kiddy pool in the back yard and gave us a few balloons. So, I had a bit of a hard time coming to terms with a five star hotel party for 12 kids. 

To counter the totally extravagant nature of this party and to assuage my first world guilt, we collected donations in lieu of birthday gifts. On Tuesday we headed down to an orphanage and dropped off bags of diapers, wipes, formula and baby food. I felt really good about incorporating a charitable aspect to birthday parties. I like to reinforce the notion that birthdays are for celebrating people, not things. This is a tradition that I'm going to keep up. 

The kids ran around, ate some pizza, dug into a ice cream sundae bar, and then splashed around the kiddy pool in a sugar-coated haze. Stella had the best time. Like, seriously, the best. We're already counting down the days till next year. 

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Disclaimer: I was sent a dress from Baby Beau and Belle free of charge. However, the content, thoughts and opinions herein is mine alone.