who wants a piece of grumble cake? I made it in my own inundated kitchen!

I'm really the best at taking unintended / unnecessary blogging vacations, aren't I? 


I'd love to say that I've been taking advantage of my time away from my computer to do something really quintessentially summery sweet, like soaking up the sun on a perfectly styled picnic blanket, eating home-made popsicles, and watching a gaggle of beautifully tanned children play in the park. But alas, mostly I've been grumping in my tiny apartment, hiding out from the incessant rain (what happened to dry season, Jakarta? Huh????) and feeling vaguely (or not so vaguely) ragey.


I think I need a vacation.


Last week kind of blew big chunks. Highlights include: a return to pre-dawn awakenings (FOUR AM IS NOT MORNING TIME, CHILD!!!); a significant increase in visits from unwelcome guests; two holes in my bedroom ceiling; a stream erupting from my kitchen ceiling; incompetence or all sorts (see two holes in my ceiling and a newfound indoor tributairy);  and complicated and unnecessary shenanigans related to our upcoming trip to Canada and our lack of actual tickets, and oh, btw? Anyone know who has our passports, or what stage of visa-nonsense they may be currently engaged in ?


And to put a nice little cherry on top of this grumble cake, I've been binging on Breaking Bad and feeling like humanity is kind of totally doomed. So.


All of which is to say, things have been super frustrating. Also, I'm kind of being a big baby.


So, here's to an attitude adjustment a better week ahead??