Happiness is a roast chicken.

Today I'm thrilled to be guest posting on Liz's blog, Yellow Finch. Liz is a mum of three, a fellow chef wife, and an all-round stand-up human. While she's off on a grand adventure, contemplating life's big questions with her three kiddos, she asked me to post on happiness. And of course, I happily obliged. I'd love for you to go read my take on happiness and the expat life. Here's a taste: 
After eight years living aboard, and being varying degrees of happy, I've got a pretty good idea about the ingredients for a happy life. And it's not what I had imagined. It's not gobs of money (btw, still waiting for that), it's not domestic help and never scrubbing my own toilets (though that does have a certain charm, let me tell you), or fancy parties, or days free to do nothing but go shopping, drink gin and tonics, and have my nails done.
It's much simpler than that.
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