Hi. We're back. (zzzzzzzz jet lag)




So, here we are, back on the other hemisphere, on the other side of the equator. It's both good and bad, as it usually is, coming "home" after being away at "home". Even after almost eight years away, I don't think it will ever get easier to say good bye.


We left Canadia early Monday morning (like really early: 1:30 AM early, which, surprisingly was not nearly as painful as I had imagined. But more on that later.) Despite getting barfed on (TWICE!) before we had even checked into our flight, and getting my iPad stolen (more on that later too…because OMG so mad), the flight was infinitely easier than usual. 


For the first time in about 20 flights, Mr. Chef was with us, proving that flying as a parenting duo is infinitely easier than flying solo (um, surprise?) I revelled in heretofore unknown pleasures such as going to the bathroom by myself! And watching movies! And eating a semi-edible meal with minimal interruption. And catching some solid naps, crammed into a pretzel and wedged into an economy sardine can. It was fantastic, I tell you. (Oh boy. I sure know how to live.) 


Even as I crawl my way through the fog of jet lag, I'm looking forward to getting back to my blog. I've missed this place. I've missed you guys!


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