Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks (Plus that whole first trimester thing.)



So, imagine this is a bump photo. In reality it is an image of post-trans-continental flight elephant legs. It's the closest thing I've got. 


First up: Thanks everyone for the warm congratulations on our newly developing family member. I can't tell you how great it to feel the love pouring in from all corners of the globe!


Next up: I'm a little late with this pregnancy announcement, seeing as how I'm 18 weeks already. Part of this is due to my tendency to under-share (huh…why do I have a blog again?), and part due to the fact that I was really looking forward to sharing the news with my friends and family in person while I was back in Canada. It's kind of a total luxury when you live oceans away from home, see.


Anyway, despite my misgivings* I thought I'd do a mini-pregnancy update. So. Okay. Here: (And it's a monster. Sorry)


My first trimester was pretty standard, but since it happened to me, it's special, right?


Exhaustion. OMG the exhaustion. I'm the champion of pregnancy exhaustion, I think. But, this time around it wasn't nearly as bad as when I was pregnant with Stella. Back then I needed a three-hour nap coupled with a 8:30 PM bedtime. This time, I managed to drag myself through most days nap-free. But I totally skipped out on dinner making, and kitchen cleaning, and general house-keeping. It was all room service all the time. Not one of my proudest parenting accomplishments, but it sure did make me thankful for some of the benefits of hotel living.

I'm feeling a lot more energy these days, but still can't stay up much beyond 9 PM. 


Nausea: I didn't think that I could really say that I suffered from morning sickness because I didn't spend my days hunched over the toilet. I only vommed a couple of times, so what was there to complain about, right? But now that I'm clear of the fog of nausea, I realise just how sick I really was. And it was defiantly worse this time. Like constantly spinning on some sort of bad carnival ride, life hurts, just gah, clammy, gross, gah. And let me tell you, Jakarta traffic and the prevalence of durian did nothing to help matters. 

I'm mostly clear of nausea now, save for the occasional taxi ride / trip to the grocery store (duuuuurian!!!! *shakes fist*) 


Face Explosion: Acne. First three point five months. Unending. Worse than adolescence. Gah. Awful.

Thank GAWD that's over.

Cravings and Aversions: None really. With Stella I had a really strong aversion to any sort of green vegetable (like I'll just puke on my plate here while I try to force down some spinach in pursuit of folic acid, because I'm a gold star A++ pregnant lady). I also had incredible aversions to Japanese food, which was rather a big inconvenience considering we lived in Japan, and I could not even walk by a Japanese restaurant without dry heaving.

This time around I went off coffee for a couple of months, didn't really dig leafy greens, but nothing too dramatic.


I do, however, have a solid love for peanut butter as evidenced by the seven jars that came home from Canada in my luggage.


Movement: Okay, you're not going to believe this, but I could feel this baby move from about 10 weeks. I didn't think this was really possible, considering I didn't feel any sort of movement with Stella until about 22 weeks. Back then I could feel little flutters in the evenings as I lounged my poor, exhausted body on the couch. Now I can feel legit kicks and pokes. And I'm all, hey! What's going on in there????


Weight Gain: About 5 kg, which, gah. Hate this part. When I hopped on the scale at my last appointment, I began apologising all over the place to the nurse for my crazy weight gain. I was all, I gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant! But I eat super healthfully! And I loose it all, plus a little extra while  I'm nursing! Promise! I'm gold star A++ pregnant lady, except that I get fat! 

The nurse just looked at me and said, "Don't worry! It's normal!" 

Let me tell you, this is a welcome change from Japan where the weight gain guidelines say 8 kg +/- 2 (total!!!!) and I got bi-weekly admonishments from my doctor for my great fatness. This being said, I do achieve levels of great fatness in pregnancy. And I kind of totally hate that part of pregnancy.


Sleep: I had first trimester insomnia again, same like I had with Stella. I spent the pre-dawn hours cursing my wakefulness. This, coupled with a child who believed that four AM was a suitable wake-up time proved to be a loosing combination.


Sex: We'll find out at our 20 week ultrasound. But I'm leaning boy. 



*While I kind of totally love reading pregnancy updates written by other people, I feel totally narcissistic writing one myself. (Again, why do I have a blog?)

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